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To let you all in on something.

To let you all in on something. You all remember me saying that Rachel and her boyfriend would be moving in with Danny and I, right? Well let me tell you, I got more than I bargained for when they moved in with Danny and myself. My boyfriend and I both did. Rachel claimed her mom was mean to her, but after I met her I could totally see why her mom had it in for her all the time. If I had a daughter that didn't want to do shit for herself, I would've been mean to her too. From day one there was nothing but trouble. First off, she has a dog named Bunny. Now she can deny and deny this but I don't believe I even once saw her once give that dog a bowl of water without Danny and myself mentioning that the dog might be thirsty.
There was only like 2 times I saw her give the dog something to eat which was actually a moist biscuit thing. Her nor her boyfriend wanted to take the dog outside to use the bathroom. No they'd rather let the dog shit all over our apartment, and piss all over our apartment, and if they did take the dog outside they just tied it up on the porch. When they got here, Dustin practically drunk all of the soda we had in our fridge. Even the energy drinks that Bruce (dannys uncle) had gotten for Franky(my lil cousin). Rachel and Dustin both waited til like 4 days of being here to before even thinking about taking a shower.
They claimed it was because they didn't know what our shower patterns were... But they waited to even say that after they knew everyone had taken a shower. They expected us to spend all of our money to buy food, and something to drink. (we had and have no money left after all of that)I can even go as far as saying I think maybe they expected us to take care of Rachels dog bunny. Every time that dog came through the house it was eating our cats food. So I know there is no way she was feeding the dog like she claimed she was. The dog was infested in fleas. And there she was asking me if we had 'kiggers'. She needed to be worried about whether or not her dog would be okay because she is/was infested in fleas.
Sure we have cats, and yes occassionally they have fleas. But we bath the cats, and we get rid of those fleas. We feed our cats! We water our cats! Because we LOVE our cats. If you have a animal it is your responsibility to take care of them. To make sure they are fed and watered. You aren't supposed to come into someones apartment or house and expect them to take the responsibility off your hands. I can't even count the times I had to get onto Rachel and Dustin while they were here because the dog was shitting and pissing all over the apartment. And they acted like it was the cats. That's bullshit! The only cats that are even allowed in the house use the litter box when they are in, and if they want outside they let us know.
Rachel didn't even change her clothes til 4 days had passed. That is just nasty! I mean come on, when it's hot you sweat... and when you sweat.. ewww! And if you're a bigger person like the both of them, that's just even more ewwww! I mean come on, I am a big person too, but dam I take a shower.. I don't wear the same clothes for more than 1 day. Hell if they didn't have many clothes, we would've washed their clothes for them. But dam keeping your clothes on for 4 days in a row.. that's a big no no. On top of that there was a spot that looked like blood on the seat of her baby blue shorts that she had on. She didn't care though, and it wasn't a stain.. If it was a stain it would've been there when she got here. It just appeared...I only noticed it because she kept walking in front of the tv when we were all trying to watch tv in the living room.
Turns out both Rachel and Dustin are by far the laziest and rudest people I've ever met in my life. Rachel and Dustin both almost always slept in til about 1pm and sometimes even 3pm. If they got up any earlier it was because Danny went back there and told them to get up, or because Danny had told me to go back there and wake them up. When they did get up, they thought it was okay to just change the tv channel while someone else was watching something. They also thought it was okay to put all their boxes of stuff in front of the tv when Bruce was watching tv.
And okay on the day that they left, the 4th of july. Danny, Franky, and I had this feeling in the pit of our stomaches. That we'd better have someone there at the house to make sure they weren't taking our stuff. So we went and got Bruce to come over here. Well I knew something was up when I walked in with Bruce to tell Rachel and Dustin that Bruce is staying here to watch the apartment and be there while they are there. Firstly Dustin's eyes got wide, and he said "oh my parents are already on there way, they'll be here in a little bit." I said "well I don't care, Bruce is still staying here."
Bruce came in and set down on the couch and started watching tv, and you know just watching to make sure they didn't take what didn't belong to them. Well Bruce told Danny and I both last night, that when Dustins parents got here, Dustin told Rachel to "grab his fishing pole". Quickly knowing that the fishing poles in the living room are Danny's and mine Bruce said "ain't no fishing equipment in this apartment going out of this apartment." Well he said Dustin then said "but Danny sold me one" and Bruce said "I don't care what you say, ain't none of this fishing equipment leaving this apartment because it don't belong to you." Which is the truth. The fishing stuff belongs to Danny and I. I just knew that it was a bad idea to leave Dustin and Rachel alone in this apartment. They had it planned. They were going to clean us out.
I had told Bruce not to let anyone get on the computer while I was gone. And Bruce knew that when Dustin and Rachel started using this computer when they got here, it became slow. And Franky even said that she noticed the slowness. So well Rachel was going to use the computer, Bruce told her I said to let noone use the computer. She said "oh but tequilla lets me use her computer" She knows not to argue with Bruce. Because they had already pissed Bruce off... So they knew how he got when he was pissed. If they had argued anymore, both of them probably wouldn't be alive today. Honestly, when Bruce is mad, and noone is around that can talk to him and that he actually likes.... Well yeah...
Here's how greedy the both of them are, they drink our soda, they eat our food. They took everything they bought into what was at the time "their room". In just a week and 3 days, Danny and I had spent all of our money to feed them and ourselves, and to get sodas too. Those two didn't even offer to wash the dishes. But no they sure loved dirtying up the dishes. They didn't offer to cook anything. They would rather eat fast food all the time. Which is definitely where the overweight problem comes in. That and all the soda they drink.. Especially Dustin! My god! We had a full fridge of soda, and in a blink of a eye it was all gone.
Out of all the soda I'm guessing, Danny, Franky, and myself had about 3 cans a piece. The whole second shelf, and 3rd shelf in the fridge was full of sodas. I'm talking Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Diet Coke with added vitamins & minerals. We also had 2 full boxes of beef patties, with about 30+ beef patties in the boxes. And there are none left now. Now I'm telling ya, that is a hell of a lot of beef patties to be just gone like that in a week in 3 days. I mean come on.
Just wanted to let you know, don't fall for it when people online try to let you know what a nice and good person they are. They are usually lying about themselves. Danny and I tried to be nice to these people, and look what we got out of it.. Empty soda cans all over the place, dog shit all over the place, dog piss in every room.. And almost getting kicked out of our apartment because of the dog shit on the porch, and because our landlord was trying to tell us how it would turn out.. and we just didn't want to listen. We didn't want to throw someone out on the street... but we came close to doing that oh so many times... If we had though, we'd have threw out all of there stuff with them.. But that's besides the point.. You don't come into someone else's apartment and act this way.
We asked for help, and we got nothing. LAZY! PURE LAZINESS AT ITS BEST! Now I just don't care what happens to either of them.

p.s.Yes this Rachel is the same Rachel on neopets. blue_diamonds84 in the SoF guild. Now as for Dustin I don't know how they met, I guess they met online on Subeta or something like that. All I know is that they did meet online, and they both do play subeta bd84, and devedev. *shakes head* Never in my life did I ever think I'd meet people like that.
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